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The sad truth of COMINO



Comino one

First we start with the inflated ferry charge of 10 euro per person. As soon as you arrive, greedy bastards charge 15 euro each deckchair and so if you are at least a family of 4, 60 euro will just cover the shitty deckchairs which are not even comfortable for animals. The greedy bastard than comes with the excuse that he had to up his prices because the amount of deckchairs was decreased, and as soon the rush of people starts coming, he gets out the deckchairs he is not supposed to use and pack them like sardines between the others. SO FORGET A RELAXING DAY IN COMINO.


Another greedy move was charging tourists 20 euro for each deckchair, which some of them were also families with little kids so TOURISTS BEWARE : YOU ARE GOING TO BE CHARGED MORE THAN THE MALTESE CITIZENS LIKE THEY USED TO DO ON THE BUSES!!

The kiosks available are also not that cheap, especially the one that sells inflatables which apart from buying the lilo, you have to pay another 2 euro to inflate it. And one of them that sells food, had the baguettes stored on the rocks behind the kiosk in the sun. Arrivedereci to hygiene and food safety regulations!

Comino 2

Comino 3

The last thing that irritated me was the filthy sea in front of the deckchair area as the boat drivers cross the rope of the swim zone to pick up and drop off passengers and leave buckets of diesel and oil residue behind. This was being done so not to miss out on an extra 10 euro!! Take note that the transport malta official was just standing there and his dumbass reply was “this is not a car”…..WTF!!

comino 4

I hope this message is seen by someone who can actually do something about this situation in Comino as this island is being if not already completely RUINED!!

The message was posted by Hanklin Bartolo, on Are you Being Served. 

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Another user posted this:

Its horrible to see how Blue Lagoon ( Comino ) has become such a business place. The land is full of deck chairs and umbrellas were people who don’t want to spend that ridiculous money for a deck chair have to find a little spot somewhere all squashed. The sea is just full of trip boats in and out every 5 minutes. Big boats parking up there all day dropping off people. Then a transport Malta boat going round telling us people with our own boat to move in just a 1/4 of the bay because business boats wont have enough space to park up!! In other words, blue lagoon is no longer a place that maltese people can enjoy due to people making money out of our beautiful island! Comino is literally ruined! 😡

Lara Cassar

Followed by another post:

We spent some days on Comino last week and one day we woke up early to visit the Blue Lagoon. At 7:30am we were there. The deckchair guys were already setting up the beach and surroundings with hundreds of deckchairs. I had a towel and a back pack on the rocks and one of the guys asked me to move my stuff so he can set up a deckchair!!! At 7:30am!! What would have happened if I moved a deckchair to place my stuff at around noon?! These guys think they own the place and they’re just arrogant and greedy. Something needs to be done ASAP so we can enjoy our Blue Lagoon again. P.S. I didn’t move an inch!

Comino 5



These are the emails we received following this post.

Comment: Malta was always the same they are so greedy they always took the Piss and now they are in euro they do it more.

Comment: I used to visit the blue lagoon in Comino back in the eighties when it was really beautiful. I made the mistake of going again a few years back to see a beautiful location completely ruined. Packed so you can’t move there are too many tourist boats taking too many people for the location. No where to sit and put down your towel as all available space taken by the deck chair/sunbed hawkers. Metal drums as bins overflowing with rubbish and rubbish piled all around them with the resulting flies and wasps everywhere. The path up to the top full of food vans selling junk food and generators running all day. I would not recommend it to anyone.

It should have been kept as a quiet get away location. They should never have allowed food trucks over there or the chair/bed hawkers. They should restrict the amount of tourist boats allowed there on a daily basis. This would have kept it a beautiful unspoiled location but it is nowadays all about how much money can be milked from it. Forget that they are destroying it.

Comment: Too much Deckchairs there is no space not even to walk to d sea ,it s a SHAME.

Comment: When I went 2 weekends ago (and asked the price of the falling to pieces rent of a chair, I was told “€12 front row, €10 other rows”. I never knew this is like some penthouse paying more for a view.

There is no place where to place your towel as they took up every last cm of the beaches and the only one that has free sand space is the opposite side which the boat does not drop you off on, you would have to swim across.

They do not have any permit to take up the beaches and over charge you for a chair that is very uncomfortable.

So most probably the boat owners have some agreement with these people to make sure they only drop you off on that side where you would need to rent the chairs.

Comment: Someone mentioned the bread was on the rocks in the mela the E.U. Laws are not for everyone where are the people in charge to check these things or is it too expensive for them to visit

Comment: We were on Comino on the 18th of August, my two sons, grandson and myself. My eldest son went off on a mini bus to the other side of the island, while i waited for the other 2 to have a trip on a speedboat, we were horrified to see how busy the beach was and didnt even attempt to try and get to it, so the 2 of them went to the other side of the island to join my other son, wish i had gone with them, they were on a nice beach near the hotel. I sat on some rocks for a while then went and sat on the boat, we were only there for 4 hours but how it has changed for the worst since last there in 2012. I also was unlucky enough to have been bitten by a spider whilst sitting on the rock and had to travel back to the UK in a lot of pain the next day and had to have medical treatment, its been 3 weeks now and it has just started healing up. We are looking forward to our next trip to Malta, we go every year, but will be giving Comino a miss.

Comment: One thing you did not mention is the charge of 10 euro to take you over to Cominettto. Question are as long as xn be so they never stop taking people on the other side…mostly tourists. And I was never given any receipt for the deckchairs or anything one buys there. Maybe they have a different way of paying taxes? Sta Maria bay is run on the same lines…disaster!

Comment: side effects of tourism

Comment: Maybe it’s time it became a world trust a protected place to keep it the gem that it truly is.

Comment: The last time I went to comino was about 6 years ago and it was really really nice the sand area was empty with no deck chairs and people coulp lay their towels and relax… And then again in the last week of july. It was HORRIBLE a complete nightmare. Everywhere packed with deckchair ( more like an uncomfortable chair than a deckchair ) and umbrellas and that you cannot just hire 1 deckchair but two as they come woth 1 umbrella, and there is nowhere for kids to play with sand as the sand area is all covered with deckchairs! All I could say is that this was my very last time that I visit comino!!

Comment: Besides all this writting there is no eccess to older people and disabled..went for a day and we had to sit on rocks and couldn.t get down to the sea as not even atleast a ladder near the rocky beaches..

Comment: I will be visiting malta next couple of weeks and I won’t be visiting comino sounds like a big rip off such a beautiful island being spoilt

Comment: These people will keep on robbing you if you keep going. either boycott them or shut up and grin and bear it. if they have no customers they have to close down.

Comment: We have been coming to Malta for 47 years (oh my, that long!) to visit relatives. We visit at least once a year, sometimes more. Last time we decided to visit Comino once again. We were shocked to see the chaos and commercialisation of this tiny area of beach, horrible and with all the people crowded there, I feel the Blue lagoon won’t be blue for very much longer! Shameful that this has been allowed to happen. Money is NOT everything, sometimes it is best to protect that which is beautiful. Numbers need to be controlled and quickly.

Comment: I also went to comino few weeks ago and it was disgrace !! Not even you cant walk!!and i. Also went for a walk in. Evening you can see the amount of cars there is in comino , while ago there was only 2. Cars 1 belong to the Hotel and 1 belong to the only resident. Who lives there!! Is not that they were no no plates !!!action please.

Comment: I used to go to commino every week. in every summer. but to tell you the trueth. I promised myself never to set foot on this jewel again. this small (once amazing island) is finished, ruined. not fit for humans any longer. you cannot enjoy any beach in blue lagoon. the reason being, is that if you will find a foot of free area were you can put your towell, you will be so lucky. besides, the only area where you can walk to go from a to b. is full of grabble stones and with every pace you do, stones start dropping to the area were people are on deckchairs. what should be done is that, there should be proper walking paths and especially in some areas a handrail is a must. the part of blue lagoon is really over crowded. the government should build his own sun shield to protect people from direct sunlight and stop those couple of money suckers getting richer by the minute from tourists trying to enjoy half a day at commino. so true what they said about food… we bought two ham and cheese buns. for the price of eight euros. and the quality was very poor. they must have been prepared a day before. something needs to be done immideatly to stop these sharks abusing tourists and locals..

Comment: You are out of order on Comino – you are destroying tourism with your greed – there should be some council control!!!! If we try this in UK we get arrested!!! It’s horrendous how commercialised you are becoming out there – I am not coming to Malta this year because last year we came twice and we didn’t enjoy it much – it’s too crowded!!!! You have to have some form of control but overcharging people is not on!!!! Also if you are Maltese you shouldn’t have to pay or you should pay a small charge. After all it’s your home!!!!!

Comment: Even myself and my family went a day trip in which the blue lagoon was to be the highlight of the day,but was disgusted by the number of leisure boats leaking oil and polluting the area. Was a mistake that financed these greedy people for polluting our sea, never again. These should be the people who care most to one of the mayor factors of our tourism as they are the ones who are getting the thousands out of the sea

Comment: Same here went there fell over the rocks as so many people was there boats keep telling us to move something needs to be done

Comment: Scary gozitans!!!!

Comment: I Must Say It Is A Beautiful Place The Blue Lagoon !
But My Critics Are , It’s A Danger To Adults ,Kids & Also Disable People ?

Comment: We Could Not Find Of Reasonable Quality Walkways , Very Danger Indeed .
Please If You Want To Make Money Fix The Problem , What About People With Disable Chairs ! Displeasure ..

Comment: What ever happened to pack your lunch take towels and enjoy the way it was a few years ago, men kind ruin every thing for money, money is evel, I was there last year and I went swimming where we always used to swim and one of the boat owner that brings people asked me to move from there I told no that he doesn’t own the sea or where he’s parked, than he told don’t say anything if you get heart, I told him I’ll sue his ass off if he does, and what about those food trucks they ruined the way Commino used to look like mother nature created it, now all there is smell of truck fuel and oil simmered on the beach it’s not safe anymore. It’s a disgrace.

Riccardo Gulino

In no way we are doing this to tarnish the beautiful image of this small rich island, but we truly believe that action needs to be done. The only laughing matter about this post is that nobody seems to care.

Riccardo Gulino

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