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MARSASKALA – Covered in SNOW (for real)

One of our readers sent us these stunning photos.

The highest monthly rainfall ever recorded in Malta between October and February is 383.4mm, which was registered in November 1999 – that’s 274.4mm higher than the average! Not only was this the highest monthly rainfall for the autumn/winter season in Malta, it is also the highest monthly rainfall ever recorded on the island. The highest amount of rainfall ever experienced in a single day during this period in Malta is 193.1mm, which was registered in November 1988.  As you can see, the autumn/winter season in Malta is always the wettest time of the year.

Like never seen before.


Main Square – Marsaskala
Pitch (waterpolo) – Marsaskala
Pjazza Dun Tarcisio Agius

These photos were taken in 1999



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