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“Il Perfs” ta’ Malta

The “secret” group that most of us don’t know nothing about

Il Perfs

What are Perfs you say?

“Il Perfs”  is a group of teenagers that hangs out at Valletta, hissing at people and bullying others.

Now I know that most if not all of you wants to join this group! Put your glasses on cause I’m about to tell you how you can achieve your goal!

The “secret” group that most of us don’t know nothing about

Please find a step by step guide below.

#1 You need to have 1k likes on at least one of you photos!

If you have less than that, than I’m sorry you’re not good enough, you are worthless.

Taking us to step #2 GET. MORE. LIKES!

There are many ways you can do that, I’m only going to mention one, cause we might get in trouble if we say other methods as most of you are still underage. Tag all your “friends” in your description, but don’t make it obvious that you’re tagging them to get more likes, write something like “Maj qalbijs <3, We are one, Kugini tal mewt, love us of hate us we’re still going to xajn”.

They all work!

Step #3 Swearing

If you didn’t get to this step by yourself, then I’m sorry. You’re not mentally a Perf, it might take you longer than others to reach your dream.


Step #4 “Flirting” AKA harassing people

These are some of the most popular phrases, “Aw lilyyyy!, X’koxxa ghandek, int missierek terrorist? Ghax int bomba! ” I can’t promise that these phrases will get you a girl but they will for sure turn some heads! They might even give you a finger.. or two. Score!

Step #5 You have to be financially stable!

If you can’t afford to eat at McDonalds, then you are out. No way around this. Sorry.


Step #6 Know how to write

I know this might come as a shock, but yes, you need to know how to write all the names of the people you’ve been sexually active with and then brag with your friends. Ok maybe not write, just copy their name from their Fb page and then just draw what happened.

Poem Description 1 – Beltos-29
Poem Description 2 – Perfetta

Step #7 Meeting points

The Perfs are usually found on the fountain or at Hastings filling out their notebook.

Step #8 Calling out people

This is one of the most important steps! You have to bully and fight with people. Yes, you read correctly! Do you have a problem with that?? Cash me outside! How Dow Dah.


Step #9 The reality of it all

All jokes aside, this group does actually exist and they do bully people. One of our readers sent us a screen shots of a kid being bullied when he asked a simple question “Jien ikrah iva jew le” all the comments were negative and these teenagers were ganging up on him as seen below.


It’s all fun and games until someone actually gets hurt or commits suicide. We have heard of so many tragedies in the past few years, when will we ever learn? What can we as parents, friends do? When does one cross the line?

It gets nasty..

Cyber Crime Unit

The Cyber Crime Unit is a specialised section within the Malta Police Force set-up in 2003.  Its primary role is to provide technical assistance in the detection and investigations of crime wherein the computer is the target or the means used.  The Cyber Crime Unit is made up of police officers who are trained in the investigation of crimes that take place over the internet or through the use of a computer.

If you or someone you know are being bullied, please call this number 22942231 or send an email to  for further assistance.


Share this article and make people aware of the danger that’s lurking around us. It’s never too late to stop hate.


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