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Car blocking your garage?

Here is another problem the Maltese are constantly facing.

Image Credits iNewsMalta

Image Credits iNewsMalta


What a joke…. arriving home after a long day at work and i find a car in font of my drive in…. after 30min of honking my horn the owner still didnt show up…. so i called the police station and the police told me they cant do anything as no parking sign is not enough. Really? I told him ur joking its a house with a garage and a yellow box.. ppl should respect that. So i asked him to try and call the guy to move his car. So after 10min i called back the police station and the police man told me that the guy is not answering so i told him what am i going to do now i have my car in the middle of the street and i wanted to start cooking as an hr was already waisted. The police man replied ” LADY JUST FIND A PARKING SPACE FOR UR CAR ” what a joke….. my garage my drive in and i have to find a parking space just coz some selfish dude was a hero to block my garage . So for you ppl out there who have just no parking change it coz ppl will abuse.

Parking Problems Malta

What can you do? Here is what the police will tell you.


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